7 Essential Items For Your Home

Running errands and organizing your house requires some essentials, and thus the article will guide you through 7 of the top listed items according to individuals surveyed:

1. TV stands

Your living room is the signature to your house, and thus you need to get the best furniture for it. Whether you are sitting alone watching the news, curling up with freinds and family to a great movie, or listening to music via your television, investing in a good TV stand is a key to creating a focal point in your living space.

2. Coffee tables

Coffee tables are fantastic additions to your living room/den. Personally, I use my coffee table often, yet seldom for actually holding my coffee (looks awesome with a glass of wine on it too!). There is so much a coffee table can do for a room – it can warm it up as you add books and knick-knacks, you can rest items on it (no spilling on the couch), or it can simply be a statement piece that just looks nice along with your furniture.

3. Kitchen or Dining Room Table

Prior to having kids, I never worried about sitting at a table. I had a kitchen table, but it never housed a meal. Instead it was my drop-off zone for my purse, keys, mail, etc… Now happily married with 3.5 year old twins, the table has become a part of our every day life. There is something incredibly special about having a meal together around the table. I came from a family that ate off of snack tables in the living room while watching TV. While there is nothing wrong with watching TV while eating, there was no conversation or engagement. Sitting at our table every night is something I look forward to, and therefore feel it is an essential item.

4. A Good Mattress

After a day full of hard work and playing, you and your kids need somewhere comfy to rest and have a good night’s sleep. I didn’t even know I had a terrible mattress until I got a new one. My quality of sleep was noticeable. I was sleeping through the night! Everyone can say they have a mattress, but can they say they have a good one?

5. Bookcase

Having books lying around always makes me feel disorgainized and untidy. Since investing in a study room in the house can be a hassle (not to mention pricy), you can buy a bookshelf to stock your books and have a good display. The bookshelves give you an organized look, and you can always retrieve the book you need to read as you replace the one you are not reading at the moment.

6. Bathroom Towels

Have you ever walked into a friends bathroom and noticed their towels? I can say it’s one of the things I always notice. They tell me if they care about how their bathroom looks. I love walking into a bathroom that has towels hanging from the towel racks, and good quality hanging from the shower. If I’m going to be a guest who may need to shower, I would hope they would offer great quality towels to dry off with.

7. Kids Table

Another item I never thought I would be writing about! Kids tables are essential if you have a child. I have found my kids use their table for EVERYTHING! It’s their arts and crafts space, their dolls ice skating rink, the location of their tea parties… I believe having a kids table, or small picnic table allows kids to have their own space – they know you can’t fit in there, it’s just for them.

About the Author: The author has always had a bit of an obsession with homegoods, furniture, and great kitchens. Growing up with very little as a child, she would often take her mothers catalogs and make her dream house room by room with a glue stick and some paper. Now all grown, she has the house she put together as a child, and is hoping her passion helps others find a way to make their home just right. You can view her website at https://homesweethomestore.com. Enjoy!

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