Have you ever had a time where your brain decided to relive an embarrassing moment of your life? Yeah, I’ve had my share of those, too. It can happen anytime and anywhere, and once your brain does it, you will feel ashamed of yourself.

Our failures stick with us. In theory, that can be a good thing, unpleasant as it sometimes feels, because remembering helps us avoid repeating our past missteps. But that only works if we actually improve post-failure.

In reality, the opposite is what happens. Oftentimes, we don’t learn from our mistakes at all, a study from the University of Chicago found out.

In fact, mistakes can actually undermine learning: Over the course of five different experiments, when participants were told they got something wrong, they shut down and did worse on subsequent tasks.

The question is, why? And if we feel ashamed of ourselves, are there ways to go past that so that we can move on and finally learn from our mistakes? Find out the answers over at Medium.

(Image Credit: Pixabay)

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