Holly Persic of Pittsburgh found that her car made an odd sound and smelled strange when she drove it. Opening the hood revealed a vast reserve of winter supplies left by enterprising squirrels. A cornucopia of more than 200 walnuts and lots of grass filled the engine compartment. Q13 FOX reports:

There were so many walnuts and so much grass under the hood of the car that it took almost a full hour to get the car clean enough to take it to a local auto repair shop.

Once they got the car to the shop, mechanics were able to put it up on a lift and remove the protective plate from under the car. Walnuts they couldn’t reach fell out and covered the floor. There were enough walnuts to fill half a trash can.

The car worked fine once it was cleaned. But given the destruction of their winter nest, the squirrels may be in for a rough time.

-via Geekologie | Photo: Chris Persic

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