McDonald’s fans are always looking for the next cheeky hack to make the most of their favourite fast food experience.

From using the self-service screen to get a free burger to ordering items from the legendary secret menu, customers are always looking to bag the most bang for their buck.

This time, Ronald has got the jump on his fans as McDonald’s itself was the first to share a hack using the containers the meals come packaged in – but not everyone was lovin’ it (sorry).

The fast food chain took to Instagram to post a guide to the trick, with the caption: “Fancy a one-handed meal?

“Simply unfold your burger box to make a fries tray, then perch it on your soft drink. Easy as.”

The image shows the burger box opened up, straddling the drink with the straw coming through the middle, putting the burger on one side and the fries emptied into the other.

Genius or stupid?

Some loved the idea with one commenting: “Maccas goals!”

Another replied: “Been living my life wrong for so many years.”

A third said: “Be living in the year 3019!!”

Looks like it’s working here

Others were quick to point out a perceived flaw in the plan, which seems to rely on very calculated eating of the burger and chips to keep the box perfectly balanced.

“The burger weighs more than the chips making the box tip over including the drink,” wrote one. “Not a very good idea.”

One disappointed customer wrote: “Mine fell. Don’t do it you will have to buy another one.”

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A second said: “My burger just fell on the ground… screw you.”

And then it all got a bit silly.

One wrote: “I just did this – but a seagull swooped on my burger. Thanks instagram.”

So there you go. Now you can eat a Big Mac meal with hand, giving you a free hand for nuggets.

Or you watch your McDonald’s fall helplessly to the ground. Either way.

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